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What is Bhakal.com?

Bhakal provides Puja services to Nepalese or non-Nepalese living outside of Nepal.  Bhakal.com is where devotees can order their Bhakal (commitment to worship and make an offer to a deity) puja that they wish to be performed at a temple in Nepal.

What happens after I order a Bhakal on Bhakal.com?

Once we receive your Puja order request, our team of Pujaries located Nepal will prepare a puja in your name, and one of our Pujaries will go to the temple/deity in Nepal that you have requested and will perform a puja in your name.

Which deity can I request a Bhakal to though Bhakal.com?

Devotees can offer to any temple/deity in Nepal that is on the drop-down menu on the Bhakal order  request page.

Who prepares my Bhakal Puja?

We have hired a team of women, who are otherwise unemployed, to prepare the Puja.  We have hired them after rigorous interviews to determine their orthodox belief in Hindu religion and belief.  Your purchases at Bhakal.com enable us to employ these women so that they can help sustain themselves and their families.

What is the proof that Bhakal.com performed the puja in my name?

We will email you secure links to download the images and a short video of the puja being performed in your name. See example here.

Can I receive a tika and other kinds of holy blessings through mail?

Yes, upon request, we can send (via regular mail) you tika in the form of power “abir”, however due to restrictions of the US customs and other countries, we are unable to send flowers, or food via mail.

What is the price of the Bhakal request?

The cost varies according to the offerings you have requested to the deity.   For example, it ranges from $5 for  lighting two butter lamps to $250 for lighting Lakh-Batti.

How long does Bhakal.com take to complete my order?

The standard delivery period is 4 to 7 business days.  However, you can request “Next day” or “Two day” delivery for extra fees.  You can also request a Puja on a specific date at least 7 days ahead for no additional fee.

How do I know when my order is completed?

We will send you an email notification as soon as the Bhakal is delivered.
Where can I contact for customer service?

You can fill out the contact form on Bhakal.com/contact page, or you can call us at 617-870 4369 during our business hours. Also email us at: devoteeservice@bhakal.com

What is your business hours?

Our customer service desk is open from Sunday to Friday  between 9am – 5pm.

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