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Immigration Relief Measures for Nepali Nationals - USCIS

Immigration Relief Measures for Nepali Nationals USCIS has several immigration relief measures that may be available to Nepali nationals who are affected by the magnitude 7.8 eart...

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Bala Chataurdashi

Tomorrow's Bala Chataurdashi. On this occasion, devotees of Lord Shiva light traditional oil lamp (diyo), stay awake all night to ensure that the lamp keeps burning, chant mantras,...

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panauti jatra

Panauti Jatra

Panauti Jatra is the nine-day festival. It starts off on the 10th day of the bright fortnight of Jyestha (May-June) and ends on the 3rd day of the dark fortnight in Ashad (June-Jul...

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Chino reading

Chino Matching for Marriage

Chino matching is a nuptial compatibility test based on astrological calculations.  It is done by Hindu astrologers trained to read Chinos. Chino is also known as Janma Kundli ...

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Bhaktapur Gurujyu

Bhaktapur Gurujyu

Bhaktapur Gurujyu is located in Bhaktapur, well known for accurate Chino writing and reading. His clients consist of Nepalese, Germans, Americans and Australians.