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Khey san-ga or अण्डाको सगुन

Khey sagun

Khey san-ga (or egg sagun) is a popular Newari custom that is performed to celebrate successes, birthdays or to bestow best wishes and fortune before and/or after an event to a family member. This ceremony is conducted by the eldest member of the family and worships Lord Ganesh first and foremost, and later to earth and sky. As the name and picture depicts, in this ceremony egg (khey in Newari) and others (fish, meat, curd, bara) are served as san-ga (sagun/offering for good luck in newari ) to all.

A Sagun has five items representing 5 essential elements of Nature ( pancha Tatwo):

1) Egg – represents Earth.

2) Fish – represents Water.

3) Meat – represents Air.

4) Ginger – represents Fire.

5) Bara – represents Ether.




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