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Bala Chataurdashi

bala chataurdashi

Bala Chataurdashi

Tomorrow’s Bala Chataurdashi. On this occasion, devotees of Lord Shiva light traditional oil lamp (diyo), stay awake all night to ensure that the lamp keeps burning, chant mantras, and sing Bhajans and dance throughout the night paying honor to Lord Shiva. The next morning, at daybreak they take dip three times into Bagmati River as it is considered path to purification.

After the bath, pilgrims visits and worships almost all of the temples and idols in and around Pashupatinath. The devotees drop the satbij, the mixture of seven sacred seeds in these temples, and at the 108 Shiva Linga present in the vicinity of Pashupatinath Temple. All walk through the same path followed for many years. It passes through Kailash forest and return back to the Pashupatinath temple.

If you wish to devote diyo(s) to Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath, your wish is just a click away. :)

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