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Bhakal.com Disclaimer

Astrology is a metaphysical discipline, there is no scientific evidence that proves or disproves the accuracy of astrological reading of ones past, present, or future.  Hence, Bhakal.com does not take ownership of any kind of information provided by astrologers.  Clients/customers of Bhakal.com are solely responsible for taking the advice from an astrologer at their own risk.  Bhakal.com does not guarantee accuracy of the Chino reading or any kind of astrological reading or any kind of service provided by Bhakal.com that are based on astrology or Hindu/Buddhist or any other type of religious beliefs. Clients/customers of Bhakal.com are also solely responsible for consequences of taking any kind of  astrological advice and recommendation.  Bhakal.com does not take any responsibility for any kind of consequences from utilizing the advice/recommendation from an astrologer by clients/customers of Bhakal.com.

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