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Serpent god Naag causes rainfall

Rato Machindranath is brought to Kathmandu

To understand why Lord Rato Machindranath was brought to Kathmandu to bring rain to the valley,  it is important to understand that Serpent god, Naag is actually responsible for bringing rainfall.  So what happened to Naag of Kathmandu that caused such severe drought? And what did Lord Rato Machindranath did to the Serpents in order

Rato Machindranath Captured

Rato Machindranaath festival

A team of Tantrics, capture Lord Rato Machindranaath and the chariot festival begins  – On this day of the year (Baisakh Pratipada or Paru) Rato Machindranaath is placed in the chariot that has been built at Pulchok to have him travel around in the city of Patan for the well being of the city and

Mother’s Day 2071

mother's day 2071

Mother’s day is celebrated in Nepal on April-May or new moon day of Jestha of every year, it is one of the biggest festivals in Nepal.  On this days, children celebrate their mothers by giving various gifts, sweets and Sagun.   Newly married daughters (on their first Mother’s Day after the wedding) bring an extensive collage

Rato Machindranath Festival

Rato Machindranaath Chariot 2014

Rato Machindranath Raath yatra is a month long chariot pulling festival of Patan, takes place sometime during April-may.  Rato Machindranath, the god of rain resides for six months in the temple located near Patan Durbar Square.  The rain of god is brought to the chariot that is assembled in Pulchok.  The chariot is pulled through